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    About Viper Vectors

    VIPER VECTORS are made in California, USA.

    They are high performance fins for the intermediate to advanced waterman. VECTORs are made with a specially formulated hi-tech material that we also use to make combat fins for the U.S. Military Special Ops Teams. This material is very light weight and durable, floats on the surface, and is 100% recyclable. The foot pocket surface is frictionless when wet, which eliminates the main cause of skin irritations. VECTOR’s proven and patented blade design, combined with the new light weight material, gives you the following benefits:

    • Strong thrust for confident take-offs and deep duck-dives in big surf.
    • Faster kicking for quicker starts, faster open water speed returning to the line-up, and faster speed when making rescues.
    • Lightweight allows for quicker changes of direction, and more radical maneuvers.
    • Highly visible in the roughest conditions.